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Kenya… Early stages of food and water shortages

group1As the time draws near for Theorca to fund our Personal Desalination Project. Doors have started opening through social media and other channels. Facebook messenger has also distinguished itself as a great communications tool to connect with people all over the world. This has led us to consider Kenya as a country of particular interest.

While I was attending the SXSW ECO conference in Austin, Texas, I was blessed with meeting several people connected with projects in that country. It was frequently said that Kenya was striving to be a tech hub for the continent.

I recently spoke with Angelica Gonzalez, who is associated with Medical Ministries International. They are supporting at a field hospital in Nebobongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Logistical support for this facility enters the country through Kenya. However, transportation from Kenya through Uganda is difficult, mainly due to the lack of infrastructure. This discussion reinforced the need to consider establishing an initial logistical presence in Kenya. From that country access to many neighbors that are suffering appears to make the most sense.

group2Today I received photos from Cleophas Ratemo of his church in Kisii County, Kenya. They are in the early stages of food and water shortages. His primary concern was for the children going without food. I started doing online research and found that Care International supported a project in Kisii County. However, it has been difficult to contact CARE and see if they have the means on the ground to help these people. I will continue to continue to reach out to any Humanitarian Organizations that have operations in the area. Hopefully the Lord will bless us with the help of someone who it currently there, to give us a better assessment of the situation.

The world is full of suffering and droughts have impacted economies often leading to starvation as food supplies become scarce. I ask that you pray for the the Lord’s provision and guidance for these people as we seek opportunities to assist in providing for those in need living in Eastern Africa.