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Over the past few years I have become increasingly concerned about the looming water scarcity problem documented in the Global Trends 2030 report from the National Intelligence Council. Recently the United Nations met in Istanbul, Turkey to tackle the issue and others, only to find they lack the funding to meet humanitarian needs in the current year and the foreseeable future. With 98% of all available funding going to Governmental Humanitarian Organizations, new delivery models were not offered. This creates a ticking time bomb that the world in general will be forced to deal with.

We have developed a theoretical model based on a sustainable desalination unit capable of producing 150 gallons of potable water from the ocean every day, 365 days a year, using solar power. Our model calls for them to be packaged as kits that can be deployed on short notice to areas that have access to the sea or another primary sustainable water source. The key takeaway for the scope of our project is that the kits need to be Portable, Scalable and Sustainable.

I want to thank you for taking an interest in our endeavor and appreciate any support you can offer as we chart a new course for what the Global Trends 2030 report refers to as “a possible alternative future”.