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Old Men Shall Dream Dreams

I am amazed at the unutilized talent pool of people the system classifies as “old”. Is age a number or is it point where a person’s productivity becomes less profitable than someone younger? Our lives revolve so much around the idea of profit, that we often forget there are people behind those numbers. As the system slowly reclassifies us, not as a resource, but as a hindrance to productivity, we are pushed to the wayside. Not intentionally, but that is the way of profit.

But are we not the generation of the 60’s, the mighty Baby Boomers that had no fear of change because we were change! Raised in the shadow of our parents and grandparents that stood up to fascism and changed the world. I see retired doctors, lawyers, educators, engineers and more that need to feel that hope, that they still have one final act in them that can change the world.

God says in the bible that in the last days, “Your old men shall dream dreams”. An old Greek proverb says, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” We are now in that time in history, where darkness is on the move and fear is rising. Will we sit idly by as things deteriorate and let our children face the future or will we stand up and find a way to make a difference. Now is our time, now we are called. Have faith in God and pray fervently for guidance. He is there and he is hearing, but sadly, few are listening.