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About Us is a Faith-based Humanitarian Organization that recognizes current environmental trends are impacting humanity and the future we will face together. We are motivated to help affected populations mitigate the impacts of forced migration and changing weather patterns. We feel it’s important for people to establish their future generations on a foundation of sustainability. Our mission is to sustainably desalinate seawater and help those in need as a demonstration of God’s love through Christ.

While we always stand ready to present the Gospel of Peace to anyone who seeks to understand the reason for the hope that is in us. It is not a requirement that someone agree with our positions or be a Christian to receive assistance from our efforts. We do this purely as an expression of love toward the people we serve.

As a Silicon Valley based Non-profit, many of the projects we undertake, may challenge the limitations of the present delivery models for Humanitarian Assistance. We believe that any sustainable model that gives people a voice in their future, cannot be founded on the need for continuous financial aid.  Delivery models based on a continuous influx of financial support, create a culture of dependence.  In this type of situation, the people affected have no control over their destiny. We are committed to the idea that personal freedom of choice is a God given right for all people, without the influences of intimidation or fear. This principal will not be compromised during times of crisis or hardship.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site and pray that whatever you seek, together we can build the foundations for a sustainable future.